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Crew Tracker

Assist in the travel arrangement of the crewing staff. Calling of Standby crew in the event of change or no show crew among other responsibilities as stipulated in the operations manual. Calculate legal FDP when crew members have encountered delays. Calculate legal FDP for all crew members utilized from Standby. The arrangement of crew duty travel. Follow up the hotel accommodations as required. Arrangement travel and accommodation for the crew as required. Handling of crew sickness, personal calls, and information from the clinics, the flight crew of flight and other duty changes. Assist with all crew issues. Keep an accurate and continuous crew watch and keep the crew system updated, including necessary documentation for all crew. Ensure that all crew members operate as per ECAR, and the Operator’s Operations Manual. Manage and maintain the master crew program. Communicate with the crew to ensure that they are informed about irregularities. Ensure that only crew members with valid licenses, ratings, medicals, qualifications, and passports Operate in accordance with the Operations Manual. Find a cover for uncovered duties. Make sure that all flights are covered.


Bachelor's Degree. Fluent English Language. Previous experience in aviation is a plus. Amadeus user, Crew Schedule, or Crew Tracking is preferred. Working Hours: 8 hours on a shift basis (24/7).


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