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Flight Dispatcher

Authorized to delay, cancel or reroute a flight if he found in his opinion the flight can’t operate or continue to operate safely as planned, with close coordination in this respect with the relevant departments.

Responsible for the preflight preparation, flight planning, and routes according to information indicated in the route manuals and approved company routes.

Responsible for the execution for the dispatch release and crew briefing system in compliance with ECAR part 121 sub-Part U so as to ensure the flight crew members are provided with and totally aware of all information related to the flight such as weather reports and forecasts, NOTAM, aircraft limitation, aeronautical information, flight planning, ATC flight plan, flight documentation, maintenance statues provision by its concerned supervisor with reference to MEL/CDL, en-route fuel availability and fuel requirements, etc.. in order to initiate and conduct the flight schedule safely.

Analyze the meteorological data and appraisal of the prevailing and anticipated weather conditions at the airdromes and throughout the air routes used, and dictation thereof to the flying crew members.

  •     College degree 
  •     Holding valid Egyptian civil aviation license with type rating (preferable B737-800)  
  •     Maximum age is 35 years old 
  •     Fluent reading,  writing, and spoken English language 
  •     Previous Flight Dispatcher experience minimum 5 years 
  •     Prior Airline Operations and Flight Following experience.
  •     Strong aviation background with an emphasis on aircraft Dispatching under ECAR121
  •     Technically oriented with a thorough understanding of aviation weather, flight planning, aircraft performance,
  •     Strong Communication and Organizational skills
  •     Must be able to work flexible, rotating schedule including nights and weekends
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